I busted my mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me 5

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I have registered a beneficiary trust to render pro-bono legal legal services to the indigent – who have deserving legal matter and in danger off irreparable serious financial lost , their property.

We will there need donations to our Gilbert Beneficiary trust. We assist and protect / remove the child from sexual abuse environment. We render temporary accommodation and emergency refuge for the victims of domestic violence, especially the battered, bruised and abused wife/partner and the esp. girl-child and those who victims refer to by the court if the other institutions.

Government made it known that its resources are finite, and will not be able to provide housing for everyone.

Firm’s Primary Jusristricions

  • Seven Secondary Schools , Two Magistrate Courts , Six Day Hospitals
  • One regional and one Privatye hospital
  • Six Train Stations , Five Police Stations
  • Five Shopping Centres and One Shopping Mall (Zevenwacht)


Gilbert April in profession since 1995 and pratise for own accounts since 2006\

Diploma and Certificates

  • Adavance Diploma in Alternative Dispute Restution (1996)
  • Certificate in Management Programme for the non – profit organisations (2011) University of Stellenbosch
  • Certificate in Divorce Mediation (2011) Laws Society of South Africa
  • Certificate in Commercial Law Practice 2007 – American Bar Anouation , Black lawyers Anouation – Legal Education Centre